Themelios: Volume 46, No. 3, December 2021 by The Gospel Coalition (Free)

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The Gospel Coalition is giving away free the journal on the Logos platform: Themelios: Volume 46, No. 3, December 2021 by The Gospel Coalition with the code: THEMELIOS.


  • “EDITORIAL: What Makes a “Good” Church? Reflections on A Church Called Tov,” by Brian J. Tabb
  • “STRANGE TIMES: On Being Soteriologically De-motivated,” by Daniel Strange
  • “Navigating Empathy,” by Jonathan Worthington
  • “Leviticus in Light of Christ,” by Roland Elliott
  • “Old Testament Hope: Psalm 2, the Psalter, and the Anointed One,” by S.D. Ellison
  • “Raised up from the Dust: An Exploration of Hannah’s Reversal Motif in the Book of Esther as Evidence of Divine Sovereignty,” by Justin Jackson
  • “Ben Sira’s Canon Conscious Interpretive Strategies: His Narrative History and Realization of the Jewish Scriptures,” by Peter Beckman
  • “Soteriology in the Gospel of John,” by Bruce R. Reichenbach
  • “The Placement of Paul’s Composition of 1 Corinthians in Troas: A Fresh Approach,” by Daryn Graham
  • “Genre-Sensitive Biblical Interpretation in 1 Peter,” by Jordan Atkinson
  • “Revelation and Religions: Towards a More ‘Harmonious’ Jonathan Edwards,” by Iain McGee
  • “The Theological Vision of Geerhardus Vos: Theological Education and Reformed Ministry,” by Bradley J. Bitner
  • Book Reviews

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This is a Freebie Roundup for Christian nonfiction during the month of December. 


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