FREE Getty Christmas Hymnal plus 15 free MP3 songs!

The Getty's are giving away their Christmas hymnal and 15 free songs. 


Countless songs refer to Christmas in some way, but only some are worth singing through the ages. The best carols combine rich biblical theology, stirring poetry, and timeless melodies to shape us into a certain kind of people. Such songs change us. They leave their mark on us. We are different—more hopeful, more rooted in God’s promises, more thankful for the gift of the Messiah—than we were before we sang them.

As we look forward to Christmas, we invite you to download this seasonal songbook and MP3 collection that will help you plant your roots deep into the truth of the Christmas story and inspire you to give “glory to the newborn King!”

Get your copy HERE!

This is a Freebie Roundup for Christian nonfiction during the month of November. 


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