Hebrews (Crossway Classic Commentaries | CCC) By John Owen

Alister McGrath and J. I. Packer

Logos and Crossway are giving away the book Hebrews (Crossway Classic Commentaries | CCC) By John Owen FREE this month. 

From the Publisher: 

The author of Hebrews wanted his audience to know and understand one truth: Christ is superior, and therefore, so is Christianity. The person of Christ is better than prophets and angels, his priesthood is greater than that of Melchizedek and the line of Aaron, and his power within the believer’s life is incomparable. Between these contrasts, the author of Hebrews exhorts readers to persevere in their faith, be obedient, grow in their understanding, and to be careful not to miss the grace of God. John Owen’s unveiling of this text gives pastors and students of the Bible a thorough handle on its key passages. The message of Hebrews proves that Jesus Christ is still the Savior the world needs today. Contemporary believers will be inspired by it as they seek to uphold and defend Christ’s supremacy in a pluralistic world.

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