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Jesus's Prayer for the Church - John 17 (Sermon)

WELCOME Hi, I am pastor Rob, and it is a pleasure sharing with you God’s Word this morning.  STORY Every summer, we have weddings, graduations, new beginnings, and transitions. The emotions that accompany these life-changing events range from happy to sad, excited to overwhelmed. How do emotions and circumstances such as these impact prayer? Do they? This summer, if your child got married, finished school, or moved away, how does that impact prayer? What is your primary prayer request for your child? Is it their spiritual well-being? Or physical well-being? We hope and pray our children make wise decisions. We want them to flourish. We want the best for them. We want their happiness. Let us go back 2,000 years as the disciples graduated, and Jesus left and hear his heart and prayer for them? It is also his prayer for us, his church.  TEXT Turn in your Bibles to John chapter 17. I have asked H.M. to read for us. As she comes up here, would you stand with me in honor of God’s Word i

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