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Implicit Hope: Genesis 3 (Sermon)

Welcome  Happy Thanksgiving, and welcome to the first Sunday of Advent. How was your Thanksgiving? Did you spend time with your family? What was it like? Family can be goofy, awkward, and uncomfortable. Why is that? It is probably partly because we are so different and because we sin. If we do some digging, we all could find some things we are not proud of in our family history. Not all our memories are made for hallmark. I bring that depressing topic up because the text for this morning does. It goes way back. It takes place in the Shangri-La of the Bible, the Garden of Eden. There, our family portrait begins to show the first signs of cracking. We witness sin and regret. The first man and woman mess up and experience God’s curse. Yet, if we look closely, we will see an implicit hope, a reversal of the curse, and a promise of the coming Christ. This is the first in a four-part Advent series. Let’s start at the beginning.  TEXT Turn in your Bibles to Genesis chapter 3. I have asked

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