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Faith and Praise: Matthew 14:22-36 (Sermon)

FRIGHTENING STORM  What is the most significant storm you have ever been in? Growing up, we didn’t camp much. I remember our last time. It was wild. Maybe that is why we stopped. We went with some friends. We probably hung out, ran around, had a fire, and enjoyed ourselves. Time passed. The next day, a storm came up, a bad one. At the time, we lived in Tornado Alley. We camped in Tornado Alley. That is trouble when the sky turns green. It was like looking at pictures with a filter. The winds picked up. The trees bent. For a grade school kid, it was thrilling and a bit scary. What was going to happen? Eventually, everyone in the campground took cover. When the storm passed, we went to our tent and found it MIA, missing in action. Where did it go? It disappeared, stuck in some tree or swamp. I bet. We gathered our stuff, packed what we could, and headed home in our brown Chevy Caprice station wagon with rear-facing seats. That was our last camping trip as a family.  FRIGHTENING GHOSTS In

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