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Who is Jesus: Matthew 21:1-11 (Sermon) 2/25/2024

  INTRODUCTION  Who was Jesus? Was he  A first-century Middle Eastern carpenter’s son,  A great historical religious leader,  A teacher and miracle worker Or a prophet and reformer,  Who was he? That is the question our passage ends with, but we begin with as we continue our series in the book of Matthew, reading Matthew chapter 21, verses 1 through 11. We see Jesus finally at his destination after miles of traveling south to the limelight of the capital, Jerusalem.  DIFFERENCE  So, what difference does he make in the 21st century? What is his significance in our day in Laporte and Berrien County? We will read that many believe; some honor him, two obey, while others question him. And, not too long from chapter 21, a group will deliver him to the Romans to be killed for his teaching. Who was Jesus, and what are we to do about it?  TEXT Let’s begin by reading. I am going to have R.C. read for us. Please stand with me in honor of God’s Word. Again, we are reading Matthew 21, verses 1 thr

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