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Defining Right and Wrong (Article)

How many of us enjoyed Jim Hensen’s Muppets growing up? I did. I love the two old guys in the theater. Who is your favorite character? Those shows were so creative and fun.  Yesterday, I heard that the Muppets had joined the moral bandwagon pushing the latest agenda. Like many things, there is good and bad in their messaging.  In a new baby Muppet episode, called Gonzo-rellla, they take a new twist on the classic story of Cinderella. The good message they offer young children is to be nice and love those that are different. The bad part is that it promotes gender fluidity.  How? In the show, the baby Muppets have an invitation to a royal ball. They begin to talk about what they will wear to that ball. The boys will dress up as knights and the girls as princesses. Gonzo, a boy muppet, hears this and wants to dress like a princess. His friends confront him that it is against the law of the land. He needs to dress like a knight. This makes him sad.  Later, a fairy ratfather, Rizzo, secr

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