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Family Worship by Joel Beeke (Free)

Reformation Heritage Books is giving away free the book Family Worship by Joel Beeke by signing up for their newsletter. From the Publisher: Dr. Beeke offers a heartfelt and solemn plea for families to return to Biblical, consistent and passionate family worship. With pastoral insight and care the author provides practical and valuable answers to the practice of family worship and at the same time addresses objections raised against it. In a world of impossible standards and idealism, this book is a helpful and motivating guide to implement or increase the depth of your family devotions. Table of Contents: Theological Foundations of Family Worship  The Duty of Family Worship Implementing Family Worship Objections Against Family Worship Motivations for Family Worship Appendix 1: The Directory for Family Worship Appendix 2: John Paton Leaving Home Get your copy Here ! or Buy a copy Here . Other Free Books For June  The Ten Commandments: What They Mean, Why They Matter, and Why We Should

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