19 Christian Publishers that will Accept your Unsolicited Manuscripts

In 2019, New Growth Press offered me a contract for my first book, Last Words: Seven Sayings from the Heart of Christ on the Cross. I was on cloud nine! Since then, I have written another book and worked on other book ideas. At this point, I am looking for a publisher for that second book. I have shopped around for someone to take my unsolicited manuscript, and I made a list of publishers to share with you today. Each has different requirements. Some will only take a query; others, you can submit a full proposal. 

If you are seeking to get published, remember that the process takes months. Once you have a contract, plan to take 12 to 18 months before your book gets to market. If you want to fast-track your book, consider self-publishing. Amazon makes it slick. There are many pros and cons between self-publishing and a traditional publisher. 

1. New Growth Press 
2. Moody Publishers 
3. Harper Collins 

15. Erdmans

You may find that none of those will take your manuscript. Consider getting an agent. I have reached out to plenty of them too. The reason to reach out to an agent is that there are many publishers that you cannot even get your proposal to them without an agent. Here is a list of Christian publishers that you need an agent.
  1. Barbour 
  2. B&H 
  3. Waterbrook Multnomah 
  4. Faith Words
  5. Harvest House 
  6. Tyndale
  7. Bethany
  8. Kregel Press
  9. NavPress 
Comment below if you have any other publishers, suggestions, or questions. 


Solus Christus Publisher

Reformation Heritage Books accepts unsolicited submissions. Here is the form. 

Update 11/21/21

Another one I found that accepts unsolicited manuscripts is Canon Press. Click HERE for the submission form. 

Update 4/10/2022

I just discovered another publisher. This one is out of the UK. Evangelical Press. Click here to submit a manuscript. 


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