Bearing Fruit: Devotional Stories About Godliness by Diana Kleyn (Free in November)

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Reformation Heritage Books is giving away this month the book Bearing Fruit: Devotional Stories About Godliness by Diana Kleyn free. 

From the publisher: 

Just like trees and plants bear fruit, so must the Christian bear spiritual fruit. Some plants and trees are meant to have only branches or stems, and leaves, and no fruit. But there are others that produce fruit: apple trees, tomato plants, blueberry bushes, etc. Through the work of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s heart, Christians begin to produce the fruit of the Spirit. This means that a Christian shows by his lifestyle that he walks in the ways of the Lord. As you can tell an apple tree because of the tasty apples it carries on its branches, Christians should be recognized by their godly character. Children, read these stories and see the importance of bearing the fruit of godliness.


  1. A Student Artist Learns a Lesson
  2. The Glass Factory
  3. A Godly Woman
  4. The Storm and Its Lessons
  5. “Boy Wanted”
  6. Johnny Christie
  7. Always Tell the Truth
  8. A Conductor Learns a Lesson
  9. Be Ye Kind One to Another
  10. A Painter’s Life Saved
  11. An Indian’s Conscience
  12. Polished Boots
  13. A Little Girl’s Question
  14. Listening to Conscience
  15. A Dying Testimony
  16. Rob McGregor
  17. Courage to Pray
  18. Elizabeth
  19. A Faithful Saying
  20. My Daddy Is the Driver
  21. Words Fitly Spoken
  22. A Picture of God
  23. Afraid of Lying
  24. The Patient Christian Sufferer
  25. Holding Daddy’s Hand
  26. The Angels’ Charge
  27. Love Your Enemies
  28. Buddy
  29. A Christian Lady
  30. Forgive Us Our Debts
  31. Time Spent Wisely
  32. Not Afraid
  33. The Powder Mine
  34. Shaped for Heaven
  35. The Wounded Soldier’s Return
  36. Rock of Ages
  37. Slander and Gossip
  38. Bird and the Butterfly
  39. The Living God
  40. Lying Worse Than Stealing
  41. An Apology
  42. The Retired Businessman

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