9 Free Advent Devotionals by Ray Pritchard (Free)

Gideon House Books is offering 9 free Advent devotionals by Ray and Marlene Pritchard till 12/3. 

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From Advent Alphabet: On this Advent journey each letter of the alphabet will teach us something important about the Christmas story. Along the way we’ll meet the Wise Men, the shepherds, and a bad king named Herod. We’ll also meet Joseph and Mary. Best of all, we’ll meet the Savior whose birthday we celebrate each year at Christmas..

Through this 26-day devotional series, Ray Pritchard helps us to experience Advent from A to Z. Build your faith and increase your joy by joining us on this Advent journey.

From Letters to Our Grandchildren: How do you explain Christmas to your grandchildren? Ray and Marlene Pritchard answer that question in 25 letters they wrote to their eight grandchildren. Each letter offers a personal look at one part of the Christmas story. The letters are simple, but the truth they contain is profound.

Reading “Letters to Our Grandchildren” will help you explain Christmas to the children and grandchildren in your life. Each letter ends with a brief prayer and a link to a YouTube video of a Christmas song. Join Ray and Marlene Pritchard as they lead us on an Advent journey celebration our Savior’s birth. 

From Great Joy: Christmas is coming just in time. We could use a full helping of good news and great joy at the end of the hardest year we can remember. That’s where these Advent devotionals can make a difference. All of them come from the gospel of Luke. We need this because Christ came for the whole world, including the hurting and the overlooked.

Join Ray Pritchard on a journey to good news and great joy that starts in Bethlehem!

From: Faces Around the Manger: Christmas didn’t start in Bethlehem. That’s when it became real, but Christmas started long before Jesus was born. This year we’re going to take an Advent journey that starts in Eden and ends on Christmas morning in Bethlehem. Through this 25-day devotional, Ray Pritchard introduces us to the many faces around the manger. Expand your faith and increase your joy by joining us on this Advent journey.

From Joy to the World!: Christmas and music go together. Most of us can’t imagine celebrating Christmas without singing “Silent Night” or “The First Noel” or “Away in a Manger.” This year we’re going to take an Advent journey through the songs of Christmas. We’ll start with on December 1 with “O Come, All Ye Faithful” and end on December 25 with “Joy to the World.” In between we’ll look at a different song each day. In making my selection, I tried to include most of our familiar carols, but I intentionally included a few newer songs, including “Breath of Heaven,” “A Strange Way to Save the World,” and “Matthew’s Begats.” Each entry includes a link to a YouTube version of that day’s song. Plus we end with a brief prayer.

Please join us on this Advent journey as we sing our way to Christmas.

From Why He Came: There is no more pressing question today than this: Why did Christ come to the earth? By and large the world knows what Christians believe about Jesus.

But what the world wants to know is this: Why did he come and what difference does it make?

Join bestselling author Ray Pritchard as he leads us on a journey that starts on December 1 and ends on December 25. Along the way you will discover why Jesus was born in Bethlehem and how he can change your life today.  

From: Christmas Promises: Promises made.
Promises kept.

At Bethlehem God kept his promise.
A baby was born who would be the Savior of the world.

This year’s Advent journey is all about Christmas promises. Each day we’ll look at a promise that came true because Christ came to the earth. It’s important to remind ourselves of these promises because it’s easy to forget our blessings.

Let’s take an Advent journey through those promises and ask God to build our faith each day.

Who knows?
This may turn out to be your best Christmas ever!

From Let’s Go Straight to Bethlehem: Advent is first of all a journey. We start wherever we are in late November, and by December 25 we end up in Bethlehem. Through this 25-day devotional guide, Ray Pritchard retraces that ancient journey, one first taken by the shepherds long ago. During Advent, Christians around the world join together to make this journey. Experience again the mystery, wonder and glory of Jesus’ birth.

Wherever you are, you can make the journey this year. Let’s go straight to Bethlehem. Jesus is waiting for us.

From Simple Christmas: The very idea of Simple Christmas seems impossible. If anything, life kicks into a higher gear during December. There’s not much to be done about the frenetic pace of modern life. But we all have choices we can make. We can give in to the frenzy and end up frazzled, or we can find a better way and end up in a better place. That’s what this Advent devotional is all about. We can’t change the world, but we can change how we approach Christmas. Join us as we refocus our lives and celebrate the birth of our Savior.

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