Scripture and Truth edited by D. A. Carson and John D. Woodbridge FREE!

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This month Logos is giving away two free books. This is the second book, and it is a classic. Scripture and Truth edited by D. A. Carson and John D. Woodbridge.

From the publisher: 

In what sense is the Bible the Word of God for Christians today? How should we think of the truthfulness of the Bible?

Scripture and Truth seeks to answer these key questions. It synthesizes, as have few other works, the apologetic reasons for an evangelical defense of biblical inerrancy. From a biblical, historical, or theological perspective each essay examines a challenge to belief in the integrity and reliability of Scripture. What emerges from these essays is a full-orbed restatement of this evangelical doctrine.

First published in 1983, Scripture and Truth will continue to strengthen the faith of many of God’s people in his reliable and truthful Word.

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