Themelios: Volume 47, No. 1 by The Gospel Coalition (Free)

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FaithLife and The Gospel Coalition are giving away free the journal Themelios: Volume 47. 


  • “EDITORIAL: Wisdom and Hope in Difficult Days: Reading Revelation in 2022,” by Brian J. Tabb
  • “STRANGE TIMES: Caring Because You Don’t,” by Daniel Strange
  • “Helpful Distinction or Quarrel over Words? The Conquest as ‘Genocide’ in Evangelical Apologetics,” by Caleb Miller
  • “The Spirit in Elisha’s Life: A Preview of Jesus Christ and the New Covenant,” by Gary L. Shultz Jr.
  • “Targums As Guides to Hebrew Syntax,” by Michael B. Shepherd
  • “Does Acts 4:23–31 Support the Practice of Simultaneous Prayer?,” by Scott D. MacDonald
  • “Two Types of Work: Work for the Lord and Work for the Kingdom of God,” by Peter Orr
  • “John Calvin’s Eucharistic Theology: A Pentecostal Analysis,” by Geoffrey Butler
  • “Samuel Miller on the “Sanctified Judgment” of the Enlarged, Elevated, and Strengthened Mind: Piety, Learning, and the Right Kind of Bias,” by Paul Kjoss Helseth
  • “Southern Yankees: Southern Baptist Clergy in the Antebellum North (1812–1861),” by Obbie Tyler Todd
  • “Reassessing Nicholas Wolterstorff’s Objections to Divine Simplicity,” by Jean Gomes
  • “The Divine and Adopted Son of God: A Response to Joshua Maurer and Ty Kieser,” by Richard B. Gaffin Jr. and David B. Garner
  • Book Reviews

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