The Death of Ivan ILyich by Leo Tolstoy FREE

One Audio is giving away audio book access to The Death of Ivan ILyich by Leo Tolstoy FREE this month. Narrated by Michael Beck. 

From the publisher: 

This psychological masterpiece dives into the mind of protagonist Ivan Ilyich as he questions the meaning of life, the significance of death, and his own misguided beliefs and ideas.

Leo Tolstoy describes the mental and emotional journey of Ilyich as he is suddenly confronted with his own mortality and must question his entire way of life. Ilych had chosen to ignore his family and the health of his own soul as he attempted to reach new heights in his career and social standing.

As his ideas and opinions come under intense scrutiny, he begins to understand the futility and consequences of his way of life. In describing the deconstruction of this worldview, Tolstoy reveals the serious dangers of selfish and short-sighted living. This novella is a celebration of redemption and honest introspection as well as an encouragement to live with eternity in mind. 

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