Words of the Resurrected: Meditations for Easter and Beyond

I just published this week my new book Words of the Resurrected: Meditations for Easter and Beyond.

How do we connect with God outside of Sunday mornings? Christ speaks to us today in our deepest pain, weighty longings, and private thoughts through his Word, the Bible. In Words of the Resurrected: Meditations for Easter and Beyond, we explore those precious last interactions with Christ before his ascension.

Christ offers comfort, hope, forgiveness, peace, purpose, power, and more.

This short book will inspire you and encourage your soul. It is perfect for Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and any time of year. Use this book in your private or small group study and devotions. Each chapter ends with discussion questions and prayer.

Words of the Resurrected does a brilliant job of transporting the reader into the stories through Scripture, historical context, and modern-day parables. I highly recommend this book for individuals and small groups!”

Tre Moore - National Director of IREF

"We do live in the here and the now and there are so many voices competing for our time and attention. With the white noise that surrounds us, we need to hear the words of Jesus afresh, unpacked with clarity, in their context, ready to convict, challenge, and comfort us in this world. With all conviction, I can say that this is a needed book for us today. It will ground those who feel untethered, encourage those who are fainthearted, help those who are weak, challenge those who are in rebellion, and remind all of us that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life - the only path to the Father. Please, read this book, and buy two more to give away to someone!"

Dr. Stephen Leston -President and CEO of To Every Tribe

"These words of the resurrected Lord Jesus infuse hope and life, especially when juxtaposed with his cold, silent, crimson-coated body of days earlier. Pastor Rob unpacks these historical words in their embedded reality, but he doesn’t leave us in the past. Rather, Rob weaves a compelling narrative around these precious words and then invites the reader to personal reflection and prayerful response."

Craig Parro - Former President of WordPartners

"Rob has done a fantastic job at unpacking the insights, encouragement, and relevance of Jesus’s words to us today. Rob connects the last words of Jesus to our life’s loss, fears, disappointments, anxieties, doubts, and much-needed forgiveness. He intertwines Scripture skillfully to speak to our life’s hurts and challenges. I found great encouragement in Jesus’s final words, which give us courage, purpose, and hope; Rob has done a superb job here.

We all face many challenges in life on a regular basis. This book will prove indispensable for Christians as they navigate through the challenges with Jesus as their Rock and their Redeemer.”

Lyndon Azcuna - Executive Director of Life Plan

“Pastor Rob Nash brings to us a perspective of the risen Christ by walking through nine different encounters with Jesus, compiling the Gospel in a clear and direct message. He leads us to not only learn precious lessons from the resurrected King but helps us to live out a Christian life in the midst of this pandemic-crazy world. Rob helps us walk at this moment with a clear perspective of the Gospel and opens our eyes to the hope we have in the resurrected King.”

Eduardo Mendes -Oral Bible Translation Consultant for Spoken Worldwide

"Rob Nash explores each recorded encounter, drawing on the entire arc of the Scriptural story to give depth and context. His ten chapters exude the same probing questions and comforting assurances that the risen Christ used to prepare his people to go out and change the world—highly recommend as a personal devotion guide or weekly group study for post-Easter, as we do the same!"

Jennifer Myhre, MD, MPH, - Serge Area Director, and author

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