Unleash the Word by Karen Soole (Free)

10ofThose is giving away the eBook Unleash the Word by Karen Soole FREE for the next week. You must enter the code "UNLEASHWORD" at check out. 

From the publisher:

This is a very good book indeed. I will use this book myself as a regular refresher, and recommend it to students as essential reading.
Andy Gemmill, Co–director, Cornhill Scotland

Here is a wise, encouraging call to take in God’s Word with others. Karen Soole not only convinces us that small–group Bible study must be done; she clearly explains how.
Kathleen B. Nielson, Director of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition

This timely short book will refresh and help Bible study leaders, encourage others into the task and envision church leaders.
Greg Strain, Senior Pastor, Spicer Street Church, St. Albans

Karen is the first person I would go to for advice about small groups. It’s wonderful that her wealth of experience is now written down for us all to share.
Maurice McCracken, Minister, Christ Church Liverpool

Karen’s approach to small group Bible studies seriously enriches them; I’m so glad that in this book her wisdom is being more widely shared.
Peter Dray, UCCF Team Leader in Yorkshire and the North East

A really helpful resource for any Bible study leader committed to handling the Word of God correctly in order to engage the mind, the heart and the will.
Carrie Sandom, Associate Minister for Women and Pastoral Care, St John’s Church, Tunbridge Wells

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