Themelios Vol. 47 Issue 3 December 2022 (Free eJournal)

The Gospel Coalition came out with a new journal. Themelios Vol. 47 Issue 3 December 2022. Get your copy FREE. 

What is in it? 

  • “EDITORIAL: One of the Saddest Texts in the OT,” by D. A. Carson
  • “STRANGE TIMES: A Late Review of a Late Sonata in Late Modernity,” by Daniel Strange
  • “The Cryptic Saying of Isaiah 28:10, 13 and Paul’s Controversy over Tongues in 1 Corinthians 14:20–25,” by Etienne Jodar
  • “Numerical Symbolism in the Book of Revelation: A Weakness of Modern Bible Versions,” by Michael Kuykendall
  • “Heaven’s War upon the Earth: How to Turn a Moderate 17th Century Pastor into a Radical,” by Nathan Parker
  • “New Insights into the Formative Influence of Spurgeon’s Early Years,” by Geoff Chang
  • “The Young J. I. Packer as a ‘New Warfield’? A Chapter in the Post-1930 Revival of Reformed Theology,” by Kenneth J. Stewart
  • “J. I. Packer and the Next Wave of Evangelicalism: Foundations for Renewal,” by Paul R. House
  • “The Explicit and Implicit Theological Method of J. I. Packer,” by Don J. Payne
  • “Is the Holy Spirit Really a ‘Person’—with a Distinct Personality?,” by John Jefferson Davis
  • “A Biblical-Theological Framework for Human Sexuality: Applications to Private Sexuality,” by Trent A. Rogers and John K. Tarwater
  • “‘The Sanctification of Our Speech’: The Theological Function of Truth and Falsehood in John Webster’s ‘Sins of Speech,’” by Robb Torseth
  • Book Reviews

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