Logos 10 Software Review

On October 10th, Logos came out with its most recent software. I have had the privilege to test drive the base package of software for a time now. It certainly is fast and has a fresh redesign. 

I use Logos every day for my Bible reading as well as my sermon preparation. I wish I had the gold package to use more of their tools. Yet, even as a base package, it is powerful and helpful.

I know it can be pricy, but they have options for payment plans to make it affordable. Another great thing about Logos is that you can use it with a browser online, download the program, or install the app. The books go with you wherever you go. 

Another great thing about Logos is that they give away about four books a month for free. I highlight those on my website each month. When you download those books, they get indexed in your library. I have nearly 700 books. So, when I want to learn about a subject, I can search inside one or all of the books on that topic.  

You can watch the promotional video for more of the neat features below. 

If you would like to purchase a copy or upgrade your copy, HERE

If you buy for the first time, you can get up to 15% off and five free books. For full disclosure, I will be able to get a commission and some free books as well. 

If you would like the free basic 9 version you can get your copy here.


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