Themelios, Volume 46, Number 2 (FREE with CODE)

The Gospel Coalition came out with the August issue of Themelios Journal, Volume 46, Number 2. It is free on the Logos platform with the code THEMELIOS. 

It contains: 

  • “EDITORIAL: A Biblical Theology of Education,” by D.A. Carson
  • “STRANGE TIMES: No Longer Humans, but Angels (and Demons),” by Daniel Strange
  • “Testimonies of Faith and Fear: Canaanite Responses to YHWH’s Work in Joshua,” by Cory Barnes
  • “The Bows of the Mighty Are Broken: The “Fall” of the Proud and the Exaltation of the Humble in 1 Samuel,” by Justin Jackson
  • “A Two-Dimensional Taxonomy of Forms for the NT Use of the OT,” by Douglas S. Huffman
  • “Jesus, “Adopted Son of God”? Romans 1:4, Orthodox Christology, and Concerns about a Contemporary Conclusion,” by Joshua Maurer and Ty Kieser
  • “Exclusion from the People of God: An Examination of Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in 1 Corinthians 5,” by Jeremy Kimble
  • “Diognetus and the Parting of the Ways,” by Florenc Mene
  • “Beginning at the End of All Things: Abraham Kuyper’s and Klaas Schilder’s Eschatological Visions of Culture,” by Dennis Greeson
  • “Stories that Gleam like Lightning: The Outrageous Idea of Christian Fiction,” by Hans Madueme and Robert Erle Barham
  • “A Tale of Two Stories: Amos Yong’s Mission after Pentecost and T’ien Ju-K’ang’s Peaks of Faith,” by Robert P. Menzies
  • The Making of Biblical Womanhood: A Review,” by Kevin DeYoung
  • Book Reviews

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