I Once Was Blind (Article)

Glasses Outside

Have you ever heard the hymn, "Faith's Review and Expectation?" It was written in 1772 by a poet and former slave trader, John Newton. You likely have heard the other title of the song, "Amazing Grace." 

One line in that song relates to a story of spiritual and physical blindness, "I once was blind, but now I see." Newton, seeing, enslaved many and lived a life of debauchery. He was blind to the truth. Then God opened his eyes to the fact of his sin and grace of God through his Son's death on his behalf. 

In Acts chapter 9, verses 1 through 19, we read about another seeing blind man. He was a religious zealot. He thought he was doing things rightly. He was a Hebrew of Hebrews, a Pharisee, as to the law, blameless. However, he was not. His soul was bankrupt. He could not be right before God on his own enough to outweigh the bad, like all of us. What happens in chapter 9 is that God physically blinds him, that he could see. A voice from heaven confronts him: Jesus's. That is the turning point for this man named Saul. Physical blindness led to his spiritual sight. 

For all of us who follow Jesus, God had to open our eyes. For some of us, it took a while. Others, it was instantaneous. Once seeing, we still need God's help and direction. Ananias needed God's help to see his ministry opportunity to Saul. It was scary to minister to a man responsible for the persecution of many and the death of one Christian. We need God's help today to see the world through his eyes. 

Open the eyes of our heart Lord. You are worthy of all praise and honor and glory.