Background Noise Generator (FREE)

I work on my computer alot! One of the things I want is something to help me not hear all the background conversation and focus my mind. Al Mohler has said he listens to Bach while he works. I love it. Often, I will listen to worship music. The challenge for me is I find myself so into the music that I start singing along. I loose my place and focus. With Bach, I don't have any CD's of his work and if I did they would end after an hour. I have streamed his music and invariably there will be annoying advertisements. Recently, I found a background noise generator that Dr. Ir. St├ęphane Pigeon developed. It is free. He has a bacheolors in Electrical Engineering, Masters in Engineering, and Phd. in Applied Science. He offers this sound generator free with no commercials. You can mix of background noises how you like it.  

If you have other sites you like to listen to or other ways to focus, comment below.  

Enjoy it HERE

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