Lectures to My Students: Practical and Spiritual Guidance for Preachers by C.H. Spurgeon (Free)

Aneko Press is offering Lectures to My Students: Practical and Spiritual Guidance for Preachers Volumes 1-3 Free on Kindle. This is one of my favorite resources for ministers. 


Charles Haddon Spurgeon's lectures offer profound insight into the teachings and Christian wisdom of the author - this superb collection includes all twenty-eight lessons in full.

A preacher and tutor of great renown, C. H. Spurgeon led an eventful life. Gaining prominence while still a young man, Spurgeon captivated audiences with his charismatic preaching - he had a unique ability to meld sometimes complex scholarship of the Bible with his speeches, in a way that let audiences understand clearly the spiritual wisdom. This quality is amply demonstrated in Spurgeon's lectures, which are plainly written but contain much practical knowledge for students.

Where other editions of these lectures have omitted or truncate some of the author's words, this printing does not. All twenty-eight of Spurgeon's original talks, which concern topics such as joining the Christian ministry; how a minister should converse; how one should gesture and behave upon the podium; and the message the preacher should convey to his audience.

Together, these lectures constitute a preaching masterclass from one of Christianity's most iconic ministers. Spurgeon's charismatic personality, keen wit and oratorical ability transcended Christian denominations, and his lessons on engaging an audience and imparting the wisdom of God to listeners are for all time. 

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