Mortification of Sin by John Owen (Audiobook) FREE

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John Owen, one of the most prominent historical Puritan writers, dives into the theology of salvation and the timeless question of how sin and temptation affect the lives of Christians. 

In The Mortification of Sin, Owen states not only that sin remains an active and negative force on the lives of Christians, but also that there is a highly effective way to combat that evil force and temptation along with it.  

Largely addressing Romans 8, this work extracts understanding and brings clarity to the listener on these widely discussed topics. Despite such a potentially disheartening revelation of the impact and influence of sin, Owen reminds the listener of the triumph of Christ. He explains how this battle for life and death can be won with the power of the Holy Spirit through the gospel of Jesus Christ. With this work, Owen describes how followers of Christ can join the fight with Jesus to weaken and eventually eliminate sin.

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