Summer Vacation 2020 (Poem)


The breeze moves the leaves

The loon calls on the lake

The hum of a Coleman fire

As I sit here and wait

Coffee will fill my head 

The warmth of that liquid

Soon I will sit back and relax 

To read and sit

What a wonderful capstone

The end of our summer

A vacation with family

I wish it wasn't over

Up north near Gaylord

Charlevoix, and Petosky

An adventure in the wilderness

Sleeping bear and Sault Saint Marie

We biked and swam 

Canoed and hiked

We boated and floated in the water

Drove for miles ate camp food dinner

Treasuring moments with six wonderful kids

A beautiful wife and the time God gives

We made our way around seeing some sites

There is much more to see we will leave it for another time

Five years it has been 

Since we have been up north

There is no telling when we will come back

Thank you, God, for the time we have had.