Enter to Win D. A. Horton's New Book: Intensional

On October 22nd, D.A. Horton comes out with his new book Intensional: Kingdom Ethnicity in a Divided World.

The publisher, NavPress, describes the book this way:

When it comes to the ethnic divisions in our world, we speak often of seeking racial reconciliation. But at no point have all the different ethnicities on Earth been reconciled. Animosity, distrust, and hostility among people from various ethnicities have always existed in American history. Even in the church, we have often built walls―ethnic segregation, classism, sexism, and theological tribes―to divide God’s people from each other.

But it shouldn’t be this way. God’s people are the only people on earth who have experienced true reconciliation. Who better to enter into the ethnic tensions of our day with the hope of Jesus?

In Intensional, pastor D. A. Horton steps into the tension to offer vision and practical guidance for Christians longing to embrace our Kingdom ethnicity, combating the hatred in our culture with the hope of Jesus Christ.

D. A. Horton has authored six published books; G.O.S.P.E.L., DNA: Foundations of the Faith, Bound to Be Free: Escaping Performance to be Captured by Grace, Authentic Love: Christ, Culture, and the Pursuit of Purity, Letters of the Revelation, To the One Who Conquers - Teen Bible Study: Freedom from Sin through the Revelation of Jesus Christ. You can read more about him on his Amazon page.

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