Evening Reveries by Martha Snell Nicholson

Evening Reveries

by Martha Snell Nicholson from Threshold of heaven,

Tonight I heard a mother call another child
Who bore my darling's name.
And my heart trembled.

Evenings like this we used to sit before the fire,
Her curly head within the circle of my arm,
A cold rain beating on the window panes.
It beats again tonight, And I am all alone.

She was so warm and sweet,
All pink and blue and gold.
Strange that I could produce such loveliness,
Such exquisite fruition of my girlhood dreams!

She was so young that she had never learned to dream.
There are no dreams in heaven —
Only dreams' fulfillment.
She seemed so small to go so far alone —
She was only seven,
And her whole world was still
Her mother and her playmates,
And a foolish little dog.
She took such pride in her new shoes,
And now she wears winged sandals on her feet!

How has she changed who has been five years in heaven?
Her beauty has begun to blossom,
Her eyes grown deep
From looking on the wonder of His face.
She knows no tears, nor loneliness,
And sorrow never touched her brow.
Little daughter grown so wise!

She would not have me sit alone before my fire
And eat the bitter bread of grief.
A little time, my Very Dear,
A few more sunsets fading in the west,
And then, as sweetly as before,
Your curly head within the circle of my arm,
And you and I together looking on His face!

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