Her Best for the Master by Martha Snell Nicholson

I am on a Martha Snell Nicholson kick. Her Best for the Master by Martha Snell Nicholson published by Moody Press in 1964 is a 90 compilation of her best poems. These poems were taken from Family of God, The Glory Forever, Heart Held High, His Banner Over Me, In Heaven's Gardens, Ivory Palaces, The Threshold of Heaven, Wings and Sky. The book has 10 subheadings: Comfort and Hope, Pain and Sorrow, Familiar Things, Mother and Home, Prayer, Sacrifice, Faith and Expectation, Heaven, His Presence, and Witness. 

Many of her poems struck me as profound. Each is about a page long. Here is an example, 

Broken Dreams 

I do not hold my broken dreams 
And cling to them and weep, 
Beseeching God to mend them now.
I give them back to Him
From Whom they came, ...
And a secret joy lightness all my days, 
And long sweet nights I dream
Of how it fares with them in Heaven. 

I fill my little day 
With little tasks, 
I give the best I have 
To Him who asks. 
Years that are full
More quickly pass. 

Some day the stars will shine again, 
The flowers bloom, 
And all the winds blow sweet. 
Some day,
In Heaven's golden dawning, Will tender angels give them back to me, 
My broken dreams-unbroken then, 
All loveliness,