Forevermore by Martha Snell Nicholson

Dreaming here upon my bed of pain
Of the time when Christ will come again, 
Of the time when suffering will be o're....
O it will be good
Never to know sickness anymore! 

Never to remember, through the years
We spend with Him, the bitter taste of tears, 
Never to remember griefs we bore.... 
O it will be good
Never to know sorrow anymore! 

Homesick for those mansions far away; 
Waiting, longing, praying for the day
We clasp again our loved ones gone before....
O it will be good
Never to be parted anymore! 

Thinking back along my path of life
Of the fierce temptations and the strife, 
Of the times I was not conqueror...
O it will be good
Never to be tempted anymore! 

To hear His blessed voice through endless days, 
To clasp the hand that led us on life's ways, 
To see at last the One whom we adore.... 
O it will be good
To be with Christ our Lord forevermore! 

Martha Snell Nicholson


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