Hymns Redone to Simple Guitar Music for Worship by Nathan Drake

I stumbled upon a musician named Nathan Drake. He has 8 albums on Bandcamp they are part of his Reawakened Hymns Project.

"The classic hymns have a unique place in the modern church, amidst the plethora of contemporary worship songs, hymns can provide a bridge between the new and the old. They can bring a depth of theology to the younger generations and a familiar connection for the older generations. A unique blend of tradition and progression.

 Many hymns sound surprisingly relevant in today’s worship as a reawakening of early musical traditions is happening both in popular music and church music.

 Reawaken aims to demonstrate that hymns don’t need to sound "old".  It is a free resource to worship leaders and musicians to help incorporate hymns as a natural part of the modern worship service as opposed to an unnatural sounding concession born from conflict. The vast majority of the hymn melodies are kept original so that all ages can sing together. Just a classic hymn in a modern musical context"

You can listen to his music on Youtube for free below. I really enjoyed working to his music and plan on using it in the coming weeks.


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