Bible Memory Songs for Free

From time to time I look for resources for my family. I stumbled upon this Verse Project.
You can listen to their songs here.

Why? Why memorize scripture? Here are some reasons off the top of my head to memorize scripture.
  1. It changes how we think about things. 
  2. It is God's word. No other book possesses God's word (2 Timothy 3:16). 
  3. The Bible says it guides us. It is a light unto our path (Psalm 119:105).
  4. The Bible says it thoroughly equips us for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16-17).
  5. It helps us stay purely devoted to God (119:9-11).
  6. We can discern God's will (Romans 12:1-2). 
  7. God's Word will last forever (Isaiah 40:8).
  8. God's word informs us about who God is. God is the greatest. It is great to think about such things (Philippians 4:8).  
Are there other reasons you can think of to memorize scripture? I would love to hear your comments.
kipaji cha BibliaПесни библейской памяти


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