Child Proof: Parenting by Faith, not Formula

I just finished the book, Child Proof: Parenting By Faith, Not Formula. It was an enjoyable read. This book was a quick (163 pages) biblical look at parenting the heart of a child. It ends many of the chapters with some great suggestions for application as well as questions to explore more. The second half of the book deals with parenting specific situations that a parent might encounter (i.e., Parenting a difficult child, an anxious child, or a child with disabilities). The author, Julie Lowe, illustrates with funny stories of her parenting. She is a licensed professional counselor with eighteen years of counseling experience. She has six kids. So she knows what she is talking about.

"We will always wrestle with our own sins in parenting, and we must always be mindful of how our own agenda can subtly warp our parenting choices" (p. 24).

"Christ-centered parenting means that we have not made our children the center of our home life so that all things revolve around them. Christ-centered parenting also means that we have not put parents on center stage so that all revolves around their desires, preferences, or needs. Rather, Christ is center stage" (p. 41).