Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith: The Jim Elliot Story (Free Video)

Revelation Media is letting people watch their children's movie Torchlighters: The Jim Elliot Story free. I have watched many, many of these videos. They are so good. 

From the producer: 

Jim Elliot has spent his youth preparing to share the Gospel with those who’d never heard it, but nothing could have prepared him for the dangers he faces in the jungles of Ecuador. The remote Waodoni tribe is suspicious and antagonistic when the missionaries begin to fly over their territory with peace offerings. How can Jim and his fellow missionaries break down the hostile barriers and carry a torch of faith to this unreached people group? Find out in this inaugural episode of the Torchlighters.

The video is 34 minutes long. Here is a clip. (Thanks Nitoy for posting originally).


Get your free copy HERE! and on YouTube with commercials HERE