Barabbas was a robber (Poem)

 Barabbas was a robber 

Jesus was a Jew 

Pilate was a governor 

What would leaders do? 

Ciaphas was a High Priest

Jesus was a pain

Pharisees wanted a feast

All in Yahweh’s name

Jesus was a barrier

He offended them

His claims made them angrier

Miracles condemn 

Jesus Christ was the main dish

Death was the sentence 

Crucifixion was the wish

Torment relentless 

Misunderstood the Savior

Freed the guilty one

Dark was the traitor 

Yet Providence won 

I was the thief and sinner

I still am one too

Faith and ruth* must be bigger

Banked in what is True

(*a feeling of pity, distress, or grief.)

Jesus died to set me free

I am forgiven 

Sin has not the hold on me

Hanging on heaven