Shepherd and Sheep (Poem)

Once there was a Shepherd

He lived with His sheep 

Strayed and floundered 

Off they wandered 

The Shepherd knew their need 

Once there was a Shepherd 

He cared for His flock 

Trapped in thicket 

Maimed with limits 

Healing, He helps them walk 

Once there was a Shepherd 

Thief and robber came 

Trouble in pen 

Attacking them

He rescued each by name

Once there was a Shepherd

Troubled sheep did plea

Some heard His voice 

And made a choice

Called to the Lord they see

Now there is a Shepherd 

He knows you by name

He speaks to you 

Gave His life too

This Shepherd came to save

Yes there is a Shepherd 

The triumphant King

He died and rose

And knows your foes

Will you be following?

*Use by permission. All rights reserved.