That Way and No Other: Following God Through Storm and Drought by Amy Carmichael (Giveaway)

Goodreads is offering That Way and No Other: Following God through Storm and Drought by Amy Charmichael

From the publisher:

How do you stay true to God’s call for your life?

Amy Carmichael left everything to become a missionary in India. But then seven-year-old Preena, fleeing sexual slavery, threw herself on the newcomer’s protection. Could Carmichael relinquish a religious vocation to become a “nursemaid”? A picture of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet came to her mind, and “the question answered itself and was not asked again.” Joined by a growing team of Indian women, Carmichael founded Dohnavur, a community of households that has provided family for hundreds of girls who might otherwise have been sold into prostitution.

A modern-day saint, Amy Carmichael has inspired generations of missionaries and activists. The practical wisdom in these selections, taken from her many books, confirms her as a trustworthy spiritual guide for anyone honestly seeking to follow God’s path.
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