Traitor by Martha Snell Nicholson


by Martha Snell Nicholson from Threshold of heaven,

No roof but the starry sky,
No bed but the earth's brown breast.
A gypsy maid am I,
And the winding road is best.

What need have I for walls
When I can touch the breeze?
Ah, soft the night dew falls
Among the friendly trees!

My only light a star
Agleam in the sky for me,
And ever glows the far
Still beauty of the sea.

No hampering bonds for me,
No house to hold me fast.
I would be ever free!
And yet today I passed

A house in a quiet street:
I looked in at the door
And watched two babies sweet
Tumble about the floor.

I've a yearning and vague unrest,
A fear that I am not free,
A troubled pain at my breast—
My heart is betraying me!

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