When Darkness Falls by Martha Snell Nicholson

When Darkness Falls

When darkness falls upon us, and our feet
Are groping for the path
We are so prone to think God must have turned
His face away in wrath

Or has forgotten us, for darkness seems,
A dire and dreadful thing…
B’lovd there is a darkness come from God
The shadow of His wing

He uses darkness as a robe to cloak
His power and majesty
His moving finger. Could God allow
The eye of man to see

Him work out his eternal purposes
With great and certain hand?
His Spirit moved when darkness was upon
The formless deep and land

And while it was yet dark on Easter morn
The Son of God arose
O child of God, fret not when darkness falls
Your heavenly Father knows

His glory shines undimmed behind this veil
Wait while He works. Some day,
In His good time God will shed His light
Again upon your way!
-Martha Snell Nicholson In Heaven's Gardens, 1945


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