Review: CrossTalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet by Michael R. Emlet

CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet by Mike R. Emlet. This is his first book. He was a family physician for 12 years before becoming a counselor and on staff for CCEF. CrossTalk is 11 chapters and 178 pages. I thought he wrote well and used interesting analogies, words, and questions. Each chapter ends with some thought-provoking questions that help you put into practice what he is teaching. I think this is an excellent resource for counselors, pastors, elders, and curriculum to work through in a class.


"Consider this book a hybrid of sorts, a resource to help you understand both people and the Bible more thoroughly. This book gives attention to interpreting the biblical text and interpreting the person. Both skills are necessary if you are to minister in a way that correctly "handles the word of truth" (2 Tim. 2:15). Both are necessary for effective ministry." p. 4


"...Your life would be increasingly shaped and transformed by the sweeping story of Scripture." p.  7
"...Increase your ability to listen, ask thoughtful questions, and use biblical categories for interpreting their experiences." p. 8
"...Your Bible would "grow" in size. p 8
"...the overall goal of this book is to help you live a biblically rich, Christ-centered life in a community with fellow believers. It will equip you to make more sense of the details of the Bible and the details of people's lives. It will equip you to see how diverse writings of Scripture have a cohesive, kingdom centered thrust. And it will help you discern life patterns, themes, and plotlines that underlie the details of People's experiences. Ultimately, it should equip you to more carefully read the story of the Bible and the diverse stories of the people you know and to make meaningful connections between the two." p. 8-9  


  1. Connecting the Bible to Life
  2. What the Bible Is Not (Primarily)
  3. What the Bible Is
  4. Implications for Reading and Using the Bible
  5. What's Your Story?
  6. Connecting the Stories
  7. An In-Depth Look at the Model
  8. Introducing Tom and Natalie
  9. Tom, Natalie, and the Old Testament
  10. Tom, Natalie, and the New Testament
  11. Niagara Falls or a Cup of Cold Water in Jesus' Name?