Choosing Love in a Broken World by Heidi Johnston FREE

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From the publisher:

This is a book about love. It’s about how you choose to love and who you choose to love, but most of all it’s about the God who first chose to love you and the ways his incredible love can shape our own relationships.

In a world where teenage girls are bombarded by different messages about love, dating and marriage, God’s voice can get lost in the noise. Take some time to discover the kind of love God wants for you. Learn how listening to God and choosing to love like he does – even when it’s difficult – can lead to real, deep satisfaction and a love that helps others see the heart of God. You might just find that God’s design for relationships is bigger and more wonderful than you ever imagined!

Each chapter includes questions to think about, Bible passages to help you dig deeper and discussion questions to use if you’d like to read this book with a parent or youth leader.

The riches and beauty of God’s love and his plan for relationships are yours to discover.

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