Prayers for Knowing God by Tony Evans (Free)

Faithlife is giving away the ebook Prayers for Knowing God by Tony Evans FREE this month. 

From the publisher: 

“As you get to know God through relational communication with Him, may He reveal Himself more fully to you and give you greater grace and peace each day.”
—Dr. Tony Evans

In times of crisis and change, knowing God is the only path to heart-deep stability and peace. Through prayer, you can experience His love, His character, and His strength—and have your faith transformed as God empowers you to continue advancing His kingdom on earth.

In Prayers for Knowing God, Dr. Tony Evans guides you through more than 50 prayers designed to enable you to identify and understand God’s attributes. Whether you pray through this book word for word, or use each prayer as a springboard for your own dialogue with God, you will…

  • experience Him spiritually, emotionally, and personally
  • recognize His handiwork in the world that surrounds you
  • understand His plans and desires for your life

As a follower of God, seeking to knowing Him is the greatest quest you can undertake. This book will help you put the knowledge you’ve gained from Scripture into practice through an active, personal connection to your heavenly Father.

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  1. Is Tony Evans solid?

    1. That is a good question. I have not read the book, nor have I researched much of his material. I have heard good things from his ministry. However, I always advise people to test everything with Scripture. Thanks for asking.

    2. Questionable. Some of his teaching has made me wonder about his theology. Read discerningly. I'll not be getting this one.

    3. Thanks for sharing. I have another free book queued up for tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be a better fit for your library. Sometimes I keep books that I don't agree with to reference, and other times I chuck them. Time is short, I like to try to read the best books on a variety of subjects, however, that too is debatable. The Bible is the exception. It is perfect.


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