Amazing Grace Movie DVD

Redeemtv is giving away free access to the movie The John Newton Story. HT Delighting in grace. 

From the publisher: 

How could a man guilty of selling Africans into slavery compose one of our most beloved hymns? Irreverent, foul-mouthed John Newton began his life at sea as a deserting sailor, then became a slave, and finally a slave trader. He shamelessly transported kidnapped Africans across the Atlantic in the bowels of his ship. But after a dramatic conversion, John begins to comprehend the great evil of slavery. Upon returning to England, John becomes a respected pastor and writes hymns and sermons that change the world. Yet his conscience still aches. John hopes to forget his slaving days, but when his friend William Wilberforce begs him to join the fight to abolish the slave trade, John must make a choice. Will he confront the terrible sins of his checkered past and speak out to end the injustice of slavery? In this episode of the Torchlighters, meet the author of "Amazing Grace" and learn how God’s grace set him free.

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