Satisfaction Found in God (Article)

Come, everyone who thirsts, 

      come to the waters; 

                  and he who has no money, 

      come, buy and eat! 

                  Come, buy wine and milk 

      without money and without price. 

            2       Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, 

      and your labor for that which does not satisfy? 

                  Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good, 

      and delight yourselves in rich food. 

 (Isaiah 55:1–2 ESV)

Do you thirst? Do you hunger? As I am thinking about these verses, my stomach groans. What do you like to eat? I love PB&J. I already had one today, and I am due for another. 

This passage invites us to drink water and eat better food than what we have before us. What is Isaiah getting at? It is not literal bread and water, according to verse 2. I don’t think the expenditure of money is literal either. It pairs listening diligently to eating and delighting with food in verse 2. So what is it talking about? 

I think this is talking about what we pay attention to and seek. God wants our heart. In verse 3, he uses the word inclining our ear and hearing. In verse 6, he explicitly calls us to seek the LORD and call on him. Verses 7 through 9 talk about the wicked person forsaking and the unrighteous man doing the same with his thoughts. You might read that as the person out there. Isaiah says he will make his people proclaimers the truth to the outside world; however, in verse 8, it is clear that the thoughts and ways that need to change are his readers. Coupled with the end of verse 7, we find that God offers abundant pardon and compassion. 

So, the satisfaction that God is offering us is:

  • forgiveness, (vs. 7)

  • love, (vs. 7).

  • joy, (vs. 2)

  • peace (vs. 12), 

  • satisfaction (vs. 2), 

  • delight (vs. 2), 

  • life (vs. 3), 

  • purpose (vs. 4–5). 

  • And a relationship with Yahweh (vs. 6), 

Sounds good to me. Let us dine with the divine. 

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