12 Faithful Women: Portraits of Steadfast Endurance (Free)

The Gospel Coalition is giving away this week 12 Faithful Women: Portraits of Steadfast Endurance free. 

From the publisher: 

Trials have a way of changing us, for better or worse. They can humble us or harden us. They can make us run to God or away from him. Perhaps your trials have resulted in a closer walk with him, or maybe he seems far away. Often, God strengthens our faith through the witness of courageous Christians who’ve gone before us. Be encouraged and challenged by these 12 portraits of faithful women who steadfastly endured many trials—including physical pain, persecution, infertility, loneliness, and oppression—and who, in their various sufferings, found Christ to be an all-sufficient Lord and Savior, steadfast, faithful, and true.

Get your copy HERE

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