Is Genesis History? with Dr. Del Tackett (Full Movie Free)

In the next month, I am going to visits the Grand Canyon soon. I have never been there. A friend of mine gave me a video to watch, Is Genesis History? with Dr. Del Tackett. People are always giving me blogs to read, books to read, links to click, podcasts to listen to, and video's to watch. My family started watching this video yesterday. I have to admit I was ready for logical fallacies and poor cinematography. It was stunning. I haven't finished the video yet (it is 1 hour and 44 minutes), but I hope to. I think you will enjoy it too, and it is now free on Youtube. 

From the publisher:

Is Genesis History?" features over a dozen scientists and scholars explaining how the world intersects with the history recorded in Genesis. From rock layers to fossils, from lions to stars, from the Bible to artifacts, this fascinating film will change the way you see the world. The film’s goal is to provide a reasonable case for Creation in six normal days, a real Adam and Eve, an actual fall, a global flood, and a tower of Babel. Dr. Del Tackett, creator of The Truth Project, serves as your guide—hiking through canyons, climbing up mountains, and diving below the sea—in an exploration of two competing views…one compelling truth.

You can watch it from the link below: 

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