Daily Grace for Teens by Michelle Medlock Adams (FREE)

David C. Cook is giving away the book Daily Grace for Teens by Michelle Medlock Adams FREE for a limited time. 

From the Publisher: 

Daily Grace for Teens offers inspiration and encouragement using vivid illustrations of just how God's provisions and blessings provide for the needs of a teen's highly-charged life. Even more they show how God Himself is the greatest grace provision a young person can have: His mercy, His love, His holiness and more.

Get your copy HERE on the Logos platform!

And HERE on the Kindle! 

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  1. I was not impressed with this one. Definitely read the sample before purchasing.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion: read the sample. A person might also read the reviews. By sharing, I am not endorsing all the content of the book nor saying I have read it.


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