Finding Our Voice: A Vision for Asian North American Preaching by Matthew D. Kim and Daniel L. Wong (Free)

Logos is giving away free Finding Our Voice: A Vision for Asian North American Preaching by Matthew D. Kim and Daniel L. Wong. 

From the publisher:

No one preaches in a cultural vacuum.

The message of what God has done in Christ is good news to all, but to have the greatest impact on its hearers—or even to be understood at all—it must be culturally contextualized.

Finding Our Voice speaks clearly to an issue that has largely been ignored: preaching to Asian North American (ANA) contexts. In addition to reworking hermeneutics, theology, and homiletics for these overlooked contexts, Kim and Wong include examples of culturally-specific sermons and instructive questions for contextualizing one’s own sermons.

Finding Our Voice is essential reading for all who preach and teach in ANA contexts. But by examining this kind of contextualization in action, all who preach in their own unique contexts will benefit from this approach.

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