1 Peter (The Two Horizons New Testament Commentary | THNTC) by Joel Green (Free)

Logos and Erdmans are giving away free this month 1 Peter (Two Horizons New Testament Commentary) by Joel Green.

From the publisher: 

Even though the letter of 1 Peter has sometimes been overshadowed by Paul's many New Testament letters, it is nonetheless distinctive for the clarity with which it presents the Christian message. In this volume Joel Green offers a clear paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of 1 Peter and, even more, unpacks the letter's theology in ways that go beyond the typical modern commentary.

Following Green's paragraph-by-paragraph commentary is an extended discussion of the "theological horizons" of 1 Peter. Throughout his study Green brings the message of 1 Peter into conversation with Christian theologians -- ancient and contemporary -- so that the challenge of this letter for Christian faithfulness can be heard more clearly today.

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