Church Fathers as Spiritual Mentors: Faith is illumined by Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin (FREE)

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From the publisher: 

Historian Michael Haykin examines the lives of such church fathers as Irenaeus of Lyons, Cyprian of Carthage, Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nyssa, Macarius and Augustine, as he uncovers the theological debates, councils, creeds and preaching of the ancient church (A.D. 100--600). After the foundational ministry of the apostles, these early church leaders were pivotal to the formation of theological creeds, the defense of the faith against error and heresy, and the development of early church ecclesiastical structure.

Defending the authority of the Scriptures, the doctrine of the Trinity, the godhead of the Holy Spirit, and the deity of Christ, these church leaders provide a great example of the apologetic work of the ministry and the need for pastors to be astute to the theological challenges of the day. Dr. Haykin also considers the influence of the emperor Constantine and the development of the papacy and addresses such "modern" issues as abortion and the millennium. We owe the church fathers a great debt for their example of a committed, living faith.

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