Pro-Choice or Pro-Life: Examining 15 Pro-Choice Claims—What Do Facts & Common Sense Tell Us? by Randy Alcorn (Free)

Randy Alcorn came out with a new book on the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life debate. Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?: Examining 15 Pro-Choice Claims: What Do Facts & Common Sense Tell Us? Download your copy FREE today. 

From the publisher:

There are few issues as consequential for our personal lives and communities as abortion. It divides people not only on the streets and in workplaces, but also in homes and churches. After all, this issue involves personal decisions about sex, pregnancy, parenting, and our health. So while abortion is difficult to talk about, it’s important to provide accurate information and a context in which that information can be discussed.

In this thoroughly researched and easy-to-read book, author Randy Alcorn examines fifteen major claims of the pro-choice position and shares fact-based, rational responses. If you have mixed feelings about abortion, as many people do, this book can be part of your quest for truth. If you’re pro-choice or pro-life, it can help you think through your position.

If we have any hope of understanding and engaging with each other, let’s move our dialogue beyond bumper stickers, memes, and tweets. Randy encourages readers to listen carefully to arguments on both sides of the abortion debate, and to look at the evidence and weigh it on its own merit.

You can get your free copy here