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Hold Fast the Faith: A Devotional Commentary on the Westminster Confession by Matthew Everhard (Free)

For a limited time Hold Fast the Faith: A Devotional Commentary on the Westminster Confession: (Second Edition) by Matthew Everhard is available free on Kindle. 
From the publisher: Hold Fast the Faith: A Devotional Commentary on the Westminster Confession of 1647, was written to help introduce evangelical Christians to the great puritan document, The Westminster Confession of Faith (1647). The WCF has been the doctrinal standard of Presbyterian and Reformed churches for over 350 years, and is one of the most important theological statements written in the last one thousand years.As the title suggests, Hold Fast the Faith is a "devotional." It was not written for scholars or theologians, but regular Christians on a journey of faith and obedience. It was written to help inform and guide our prayer lives, and to strengthen our daily relationship with Jesus Christ.Yet Hold Fast the Faith is also a "commentary," because it sticks closely to the original thirty-three cha…

Interpreting Eden by Vern Poythress (Free)

Dr. Pythress is offering his eBook Interpreting Eden: A Guide to Faithfully Reading and Understanding Genesis 1-3 (400 plus pages) Free from Crossway. 
What the publisher says: Christians have long discussed and debated the first three chapters of the Bible. How we interpret this crucial section of Scripture has massive implications for how we understand the rest of God’s Word and even history itself. In this important volume, biblical scholar Vern Poythress combines careful exegesis with theological acumen to illuminate the significance of Genesis 1–3. In doing so, he demonstrates the sound interpretive principles that lead to true understanding of the biblical text, while also exploring complex topics such as the nature of time, the proper role of science, interpretive literalism, and more.
You can get your copy HERE

Summer Vacation (Poem)

Break Rest Relief 
Moments to pray and read 
The sky bright azure  Clouds snowy white  I will see family tonight 
Joy Hope Fun
Basking in summer sun 
Enjoying water Of mist and spray The luxury of boat today 
Wonder Puzzle Challenge
Remote job to manage 
Work correspondence  Disconnected  Distractions must be arrested 
Critters Bugs Birds
None could draw this in word 
Visit rural store  Mounted displays  Wildlife in living array 
Joke Laughter  Smile
Watching for a while 
The conversation  Lovers’ banter  Siblings, neighbor, and visitor
Vacation  Relax Peace
*All rights reserved. Use by permission only. 

Shepherd and Sheep (Poem)

Once there was a ShepherdHe lived with His sheep Strayed and floundered Off they wandered The Shepherd knew their need 
Once there was a Shepherd He cared for His flock Trapped in thicket Maimed with limits Healing, He helps them walk 
Once there was a Shepherd Thief and robber came Trouble in pen Attacking themHe rescued each by name
Once there was a ShepherdTroubled sheep did pleaSome heard His voice And made a choiceCalled to the Lord they see
Now there is a Shepherd He knows you by nameHe speaks to you Gave His life tooThis Shepherd came to save
Yes there is a Shepherd The triumphant KingHe died and roseAnd knows your foesWill you be following?
*Use by permission. All rights reserved.

Divine Goodness (Poem)

God, your goodness reaches to the heavens  Seen in all the gifts you have given Your great love endures forever  Glorious might I treasure 
God, you alone are the great Trinity  Revealed in Scripture and history  A mighty one to save the meek Rampart and shield for the weak
God, you’re majestic in all your glory With your splendor reigning over me Triumphing sin, death, and satan All evil you have beaten
For he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever 2 Chronicles 5:13
*All Rights Reserved. Use by permission only.

The True Cost of Discipleship: GENESIS 12:1-9 (Sermon)

WELCOME Welcome. I am pastor Rob. It is a joy and honor to share with you God’s Word. Could I have a couple of people pray for my message this morning? You can text or email me that you are praying right now. I appreciate that. Thank you in advance. MISSIONS MONTHThis month is mission month. Each year we focus on missions during the month of May. Over the last seven years, we have raised roughly $700,000 for missions. 100% of that supports churches, planting churches, and training pastors and missionaries around the world. Together we further ministry in Central Asia, Japan, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, and in our backyard. I know many of you financially help missionaries and organizations outside of our joint efforts. We appreciate your generous support. Thank you for partnering with us through prayer and giving. With your help, we have done and can do more together than apart. It is with incredible gratitude that I want you to know that we have already met our budget for t…