Zealous: 7 Commitments for the Discipleship of the Next Generations by David Michael (Free)

From the publisher:

“Zealous” is not a word you hear very often. Yet we are seeing it in action all around us. The current events have called for measures that are intense, vigorous, passionate, earnest … zealous. Even hand-washing is being done with a renewed sense of fervency. We are being reminded that half-hearted, apathetical responses simply cannot combat life and death realities. 

But the need for zeal is especially called for when it comes to grounding our children in the gospel. David Michael states, “For generations God has instructed us in His everlasting, absolutely-reliable, never-changing Word, that we must faithfully disciple the next generation ‘...so that they should put their confidence in God’ (Psalm 78:7 NASB). The need for our children to be established in truth has always been urgent.” 

How zealous have we been in that regard? The temporary disruption of Sunday school, church gatherings, and a myriad of other events presents us with an opportune time to reflect on our priorities and the manner in which we pursue them.

  • Are our homes passionately fostering a love of Christ and His Word?
  • Do we care more about our children’s spiritual condition than their academic performance?
  • Do our Sunday school classrooms and mid-week programs vigorously pursue teaching children how to read, study, and apply God's Word?
  • Do we use the time wisely in order to point them to the glory of God rather than merely fun activities?

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