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Epic by Tim Challies (Review)

This last weekend my family finished watching Epic: An Around-the-World Journey through Christian History by Tim Challies. Together for the Gospel promoted the video, and my kids said we had to watch it. I highly recommend Tim's project. Tim travels the world and looks for several objects that uniquely communicate the history of the Christian faith.

My favorite episode was India. Tim challenged me spiritually through his retelling of the story of Amy Carmichael and William Carrey. I loved learning about David Livingstone and Hudson Taylor. The footage is stunning throughout the ten episodes. Each episode is about 25 minutes. The content is clean and informative. My kids six to teenagers all enjoyed it. 
You get to meet the culture and interact with some of the good and bad of Christianity.

You can watch a free episode below.

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Live to Love: Experience Freedom and Joy in Relationships by Norm Wakefield (Free)

Norm Wakefield is giving away his book Live to Love: Experience Freedom and Joy in Relationships. 
I met Norm Wakefield years ago and with impressed with his Biblical convictions, clarity of thought, and humility. He helped our church walk through some difficult times. I felt like God's Spirit was uniquely using him. It is with great pleasure to share with you a resource that sounds incredibly helpful today, Live to Love. 
From the publisher:Jesus knew that our ability to love like He does happens as His love passes through us to others. So in Jesus’ final words to His disciples, He commissioned them to go and make disciples who would live to love with Him. His promise to be with them and love through them launched a movement that continues to ripple around the world. Living to love with Jesus and teaching and encouraging others to do the same is God’s master plan for building His church, sanctifying His followers, and conquering darkness through the light of His love in them. God…

Three Temptations that Derail our Faith (Acts 10 and Galatians 2:11-21) SERMON

Manuscript3 Temptations That Derail Faith Acts 10 and Galatians 2:11–21
WELCOMEWelcome, I am pastor Rob, and it is my pleasure and joy to bring to you God’s Word. 
Over the last few weeks, we have enjoyed Easter and the followup story of Jesus as he meets his disciples. We have learned background material about the early church and the author of the letters we are studying this year by the Apostle Peter.  WORD TO THE CHILDREN To the children out there this morning. As I tell stories of Peter, try drawing what happens. Have your parents take a picture of it and send it to me at rob@sawyerhighlands.orgif you would like. We will try to feature them for the next service or weekly email. Thanks.  BEGIN WITH THE ENDINGLet me begin with an ending. Pastor Jeff mentioned it last week. In 1563, John Foxe published a series of short biographical accounts on the martyrs of the faith. Using various sources, he wrote, “[In 67 AD] emperor [Nero] was ...thinking to abolish and to destroy the whole name …