What I Wish I'd Known: Inisights From Leading Women In Ministry

Faith Life is giving Away What I Wish I'd Known: Insights from Leading Women in Ministry for free.

This book flows from a conference featuring the authors:

Authors: Kay Arthur, Pam Gillaspie, Kim de Blecourt, Cindy Bultema, Pam Farrel, Margaret Feinberg, Elyse Fitzpatrick, Sue Heimer, Liz Curtis Higgs, June Hunt, Courtney Joseph, Carol Kent, Susie Larson, Michelle McKinney Hammond, Elisa Morgan, Janelle Nehrez, Jody Noland, Glenna Salsbury, Darlene Schacht, Gwen Smith, Heidi St. John, Jessica L. Thompson, Hilary Tompkins, Kasey Van Norman, Amanda Williams, Rachel Wojo

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