The Christian Podcast Community Resource (Giveaway)

The Christian Podcast Community is giving away $1000.00 worth of books, DVDs, CDs, and flash drives.

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Below is a list of what is included:


  1. MacArthur Study Bible (ESV) Personal Size
  2. What Do We Believe? by Andrew Rappaport
  3. What Do They Believe? by Andrew Rappaport
  4. On the Origin of Kinds by Anthony Silvestro Jr.
  5. A Little Book on the Christian by John Calvin
  6. One Faithful Life by John MacArthur
  7. Ashamed of the Gospel by John MacArthur
  8. The Gospel According to Paul by John MacArthur
  9. The Believer’s Walk with Christ by John MacArthur
  10. The Inerrant Word by John MacArthur
  11. One Foundation, Essays on the Sufficiency of Scripture
  12. Parables by John MacArthur
  13. None Other by John MacArthur 
  14. Final Word by John MacArthur 
  15. John MacArthur by Ian Murray
  16. Before the Throne by Allen S. Nelson IV
  17. Amillennialism and the Age to Come by Matt Waymeyer
  18. Tactics by Greg Koukl
  19. Do Not Hinder Them by Justin Peters
  20. Faith for Weak People by Ray Comfort
  21. God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life by Ray Comfort
  22. One Heartbeat Away by Mark Cahill
  23. Sharing the Good News with Mormons
  24. From Death to Life by Allen S. Nelson IV
  25. When My Ox Gores My Neighbor by Josiah Nichols
  26. Truth or Territory by Jim Osman
  27. Selling the Stairway to Heaven by Jim Osman
  28. The Prosperity of the Wicked by Jim Osman 


  1. Clouds Without Water seminar by Justin Peters
  2. God of Wonders
  3. Spirit & Truth – How Does God Want to be Worshiped?
  4. How to Answer the Fool film by Sye Ten Bruggencate
  5. 180 movie by Ray Comfort
  6. The Atheist Delusion by Ray Comfort
  7. Jersey Fire 2013 conference series
  8. Evolution and Logical Fallacies featuring Dr. Jason Lisle
  9. Creation Science Confirms the Bible is True featuring Dr. Jason Lisle
  10. His Star featuring Dr. Jason Lisle
  11. Understanding Genesis featuring Dr. Jason Lisle


  1. Lost and Found (Luke 15) by Andrew Rappaport
  2.  Spreading the Fire 2014 conference series
  3. Hell’s Best Kept Secret by Ray Comfort
  4. True & False Conversion by Ray Comfort
  5. God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists by Ray Comfort
  6. What Hollywood Believes by Ray Comfort
  7. Where Has the Passion Gone? by Ray Comfort
  8. 3 Minutes to Live by Ray Comfort
  9. Militant Evangelism by Ray Comfort 
  10. How to Get on Fire for God by Ray Comfort
  11. How to Obtain Zeal by Ray Comfort
  12. Passing the Torch by Emeal (E.Z.) Zwayne
  13. Slaying the Dragon by Todd Friel
  14. Don’t Quit by Tony Miano
  15. My First Few Years music by Kari Collidge Atalla
  16. Marvelous in Majesty music by Kari Atalla

Flash Drives

  1. Justin Peters Collection
  2. Living Waters Collection
  3. Striving For Eternity Collection
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